Welcome to Elmbridge Community Eco Hub

Based in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, UK,  we provide our community with access to a multi functional, safe space where they can access many beneficial initiatives such as the Library of Things, A Community Fridge, A Community Paint Recycle Programme, A Skill Share, Repair Cafe, Small item recycling, community garden and allotment to name but a few – all under ONE roof!

As a Not For Profit organisation we rely on donations to ensure our sustainability. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to provide the community with the opportunities to learn, make, take, give, grow, share and fix in our space. Every penny donated or earned is pumped back into the organisation to ensure we continue to support our community.

Initiatives we will be running

Community Fridge

A Community Fridge – Donate and receive free fresh food daily. Open to EVERYONE

Library of Things

Why buy, store, maintain when you can borrow for a fraction of the price. Save useful items going to landfill

Repair Cafe

Don’t throw out that thing, repair it! Save things from going to landfill. Let’s mend your things – kettle, toaster, headphones etc Save ££££


Learn to play a musical instrument, yoga, drawing, a language, how to use a computer or your iPad, grow your own food, sewing, knitting etc

Community garden and allotment

Live Christmas tree rental and community planting schemes.

Small item recycling point

Working with Terracycle to create a single community collection point for small, hard to recycle items.

Everything we do is centred around THREE things:



We exist exclusively for the benefit of the people in our community. We want to ensure every member of our community has access to food, skills and equipment either free or at very low cost.



We want to provide people with the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge with others. We strive to encourage and facilitate people to reach their potential, improve confidence and their understanding of the world we live in.



We believe in the circular economy and trying to improve our environment. We aim to recycle, upcycle, reuse what we can, reduce waste and teach others to do the same.