Welcome to Elmbridge Community Eco Hub

Based in  the Elmgrove Estate, in the centre of Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, UK,  we provide our community with access to a multi functional, safe space where they can access many beneficial initiatives such as the Library of Things, Community Fridge, Skill Share, Repair Cafe, Small item recycling, Community Garden, Seed Bank, Jigsaw swap, Book Swap to name but a few – all under ONE roof!

As a Not For Profit organisation we rely on donations to ensure our sustainability. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to provide the community with the opportunities to learn, make, take, give, grow, share and fix in our space. Every penny donated or earned is pumped back into the organisation to ensure we continue to support our community.

Opening Hours

Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm open to the general public & volunteers

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday midday – 4pm for registered volunteers

Latest updates

Library of Things

Our Library of Things is up and running. You can request a membership, browse and reserve items here. At this stage you will not be asked to register any financial details, nor to make a payment. All financial transactions will take place at the Hub in person.


Our first ever crowdfund ended on the 7th December as a huge success. Our target to help set up the Library of Things was £2000, but we managed to achieve an amazing £2800!!!! This money will be used to fund the significant insurance costs, software licence, training staff, secure storage and hopefully we can make it stretch to actually buying a few things for the Library itself. Amazing. Thank you!

The building

We picked up the keys to the building on the 24th November. The hall has been empty for approximately 7 years, so was full of cob webs, was VERY cold, and quite sad looking. With a magnificent effort from the community, the Hall has had a thorough clean, has been redecorated, carpets have been fitted and furniture installed. We still have some work to do to finish things off, but its been a fantastic and rapid turnaround.  The electrician is coming in next week to fit extra sockets and heating and a plumber has offered to fit a hot water system. We now need someone to help with our problematic roof – it leaks due to many missing and broken tiles, and we need someone to fit skirting board. However, we cannot complain as the community has really come together to make the Hall a safe, welcoming space for all.


We have had a great response to the advert we placed with Central Surrey Voluntary Action, and indeed in response to a 2 page article recently published in Your Elmbridge magazine. It’s fantastic that so many people are learning about the Hub and want to get involved.  Please do contact us if you would like to learn more info@elmbridgeecohub.org.uk

Community Fridge

We took delivery of our massive 1000ltr fridge this week. Thank you to COOP for providing the sponsorship in collaboration with HUBBUB to pay for it, and all associated costs going forward.  On Wednesday 9th, we met with Sarah Nuttall – COOP Member Pioneer for the area. COOP are providing a huge amount of support to the Eco Hub, and have committed to providing surplus food going forward.  The aim is to open the Community fridge in January 2022, dependant on Environmental health approval – which we hope is a formality.

Community Garden

Last week we had a visit by Lettie from RHS Wisley advising on the design, plant selection and timeline for the Community Garden. Earlier this week we received a donation of 750kg of wood chippings from Clive Cummings of Arborist_Surrey tree surgeons from which we have created a natural and carbon negative path along the length of the garden.  On Tuesday this week we received an amazing donation of 1.6 tonnes of Grade A compost from local company Envar Composting. We have already made 4 raised – no dig beds ready for spring planting and  hope to create at least as many again with the remainder of the compost.

Initiatives we will be running

Community Fridge

A Community Fridge – Donate and receive free fresh food daily. Open to EVERYONE

Community garden and allotment

Community planting schemes for fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Repair Cafe

Don’t throw out that thing, repair it! Save things from going to landfill. Let’s mend your things – kettle, toaster, headphones etc Save ££££


Learn to play a musical instrument, yoga, drawing, a language, how to use a computer or your iPad, grow your own food, sewing, knitting etc

Library of Things

Why buy, store, maintain when you can borrow for a fraction of the price. Save useful items going to landfill

Small item recycling point

Working with Terracycle to create a single community collection point for small, hard to recycle items.

Everything we do is centred around THREE things:



We exist exclusively for the benefit of the people in our community. We want to ensure every member of our community has access to food, skills and equipment either free or at very low cost.



We want to provide people with the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge with others. We strive to encourage and facilitate people to reach their potential, improve confidence and their understanding of the world we live in.



We believe in the circular economy and trying to improve our environment. We aim to recycle, upcycle, reuse what we can, reduce waste and teach others to do the same.

Do you want to get involved?



If you would like to get involved with The Hub, have a look at the different initiatives we run, and decide which you would prefer to be part of. It may be that there is more than one initiative that interests you, and that’s great. Simply contact our colleagues at Central Surrey Voluntary Action and they will help match your skills, interests and availability to our opportunities.


We want to provide people with the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge with others. We strive to encourage and facilitate people to reach their potential, improve confidence and their understanding of the world we live in.

Corporate Sponsorship

If you are a business, looking to improve your CSR, then look no further.

We have a multitude of options to offer from corporate litter pick days, supporting the Community Fridge, spending a day in the community garden,  conducting a skill share session, supporting with a Repair Cafe, or helping with the Library of Things.

We kindly ask for a financial contribution of £10 per volunteer, which helps us to cover our costs, and keep the Hub running.