February 2020 update

We’re into the second week of February now and things have progressed nicely regarding the Hub setup. We have constituted the group, meaning the people who will run the Hub agree with its aims and objectives and agree to abide by the rules set out within the constitution. We have opened a bank account, applied for funding including participating as a ‘good cause’ in the Elmbridge Community Lottery and found a potential venue! Fingers crossed we can agree Ts&Cs with the landlord and we can push things forward regarding an opening date. Another big piece of news is our partnership with Stripey Stork – a Baby and child ‘Bank’ charity based in Reigate. We have agreed to become a distribution centre in the first instance, and given time and resource progress to a full referral partner.
Things have moved on a little regarding team members too. We have ‘recruited’ voluntary assistance from Sarah who will help with social media, and Anita who has offered to help coordinate the small item recycling initiative!