Plastic Free Refill Point

We operate a plastic free refill point to reduce waste in the community and to ensure you only pay for the product you use rather than multiple plastic containers which end up in the waste.

Some of the items  include – non bio laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, hand soap, washing up liquid, spirit vinegar for cleaning and window and glass cleaner.  All competitively priced. You only pay for what you need. Please bring your own containers to help reduce plastic waste.

All items are measured in grams, so you only pay for what you take.

The process is:

1) Weigh your container and make a note on the notepad

2) Fill your container with the amount you want. It doesnt have to be full!

3) Reweigh your container and make a note on the notepad

4) Make your way to the till where our volunteer will work out the price and take your payment

There is no need for you to do any of the math (unless you want to). We do all that for you.

As we have increased the number of products available for refill the original refill stand was creaking under the weight. A massive thank you the guys from Weybridge Men’s Shed for creating, delivering and assembling our new 2 tiered bench for the Plastic Free Refill Section. It’s much more sturdy and the refills are more easily reached than on the previous table.