Take more Pride

Last week I submitted a gov petition application “Make it an offence to inhale nitrous oxide (N2O/NOS/laughing gas) for recreational purposes”. This was my second attempt to instigate a governmental level conversation on this issue. The first “Regulate the sale of N2O canisters. Too easy for people to access” was rejected on the basis that the sale is already regulated – could have fooled me!!

Anyway, on the back of the Brighton Pride festival a few weeks ago and the subsequent media fallout I thought I would try again but with a different spin – this time on actual inhalation not sale. I’m not highlighting Pride as the main culprit in this nationwide drug and littering problem, simply using the recent festival and the volume of canisters and balloons left on the beach as an example of the level of the problem.

Thankfully my application gained approval and we can push forward with the campaign to gain sufficient signatures to start the conversation. We need 10000 for the government to respond and 100000 for MPs to debate the issue. So far we have ~370 signatures. A little disappointing to say the least, but at least it has started conversations on social media if nothing else. However I’m not giving up and need your help to raise awareness. If you believe we should highlight this issue, try to protect our young people and our environment please sign and then share the petition for others to sign.

Many thanks.