Community Garden

We are delighted to announce that we recently were awarded an “Advancing” grade by South and South East Britain in Bloom. Despite only being open for 8 months, the community garden has really flourished. It is a massive credit to all of the volunteers who have given up their time and significant amount of energy to help develop the space. The gradings are classed as “ESTABLISHING”, “IMPROVING”, “ADVANCING”, “THRIVING” AND “OUTSTANDING”.  To have jumped straight to Advancing, bypassing establishing and improving within only a few months of opening is truly amazing.  Well done everyone and lets see if we can push on to “Thriving” for next years awards.

This little known area is enclosed on all sides by hedge, wall or fence, hence why many people don’t even know it exists.  Our plans are to turn “The Field” into a Community Garden, where volunteers can help create a safe oasis of calm, whilst at the same time producing food, flowers and herbs for all.

Our first objective was to make the field safe.  There were number of redundant fox holes, litter, brambles etc that needed to be removed or cut back before we allowed volunteers in. We have been working with Central Surrey Voluntary Action to identify local people who want to donate 1-2 hours per week to help create and maintain the garden.

The site was deemed safe in early December with the design agreed amongst ourselves with support from the RHS WIsley community team. We  started preparing the field for the growing season, identifying our needs and having a lot of fun in preparation for spring planting.

We have worked hard to create a “wild” area, of natural grasses and flowers, which it is hoped will encourage wildlife including pollinators to visit and enjoy as much as we do.  We have installed small pond, raised beds and traditional “allotment” style bedding, a composting area and some benches for volunteers to sit and enjoy the garden. We have also created a sensory area for our volunteers and visitors to enjoy. A diversity of plants of varying sizes, scents, colours, textures and sounds as the wind rustles through.

You can see a photos of our continued progress below: