Our Vision

Elmbridge Community Eco Hub provides our local community with multi functional safe, welcoming place for people to come together to access sustainable initiatives and resources otherwise unavailable in our community. We work to reduce waste, help our environment, provide opportunity and improve community cohesion.

The diagram below illustrates some of the initiatives we run within the Hub. We focus on food security, initiatives to help our environment, helping people learn new skills and improving mental wellbeing. Some of the  skill shares are purely for entertainment, whilst others help people in there everyday life with family and work.

Everything we do is centred around THREE things:



We exist exclusively for the benefit of the people in our community. We ensure every member of our community has access to food, skills and equipment either free or at very low cost.



We provide people with the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge with others. We strive to encourage and facilitate people to reach their potential, improve confidence and their understanding of the world we live in.



We believe in the circular economy and trying to improve our environment. We recycle, upcycle, reuse what we can, reduce waste and teach others to do the same.