Elmbridge Community Eco Hub – Code of Conduct

The Elmbridge Community Eco Hub (‘the Hub’) is committed to providing a friendly,
safe and welcoming environment where people are treated with dignity and respect,
regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age,
socioeconomic status, religious or political persuasion.
This Code of Conduct applies to all Hub volunteers, and all those who take part in, or
use, any of the initiatives that it delivers/supports or premises that it manages.
• Hub volunteers and users must treat each other with dignity and respect at all
• People’s feelings will be valued and respected.
• Language or humour that people find offensive will not be tolerated e.g., sexist or
racist jokes or terminology that is derogatory to someone else.
• Violence or threats of violence, or incidents of harassment, verbal abuse or
intimidation will result in volunteers/users being barred from Hub activities.
• The Hub offers a safe space for all volunteers and users, in which there is no
place for inappropriate physical contact. If physical contact is required, consent
must be given.
• All volunteers must abide by the terms of all other policies and statements,
including Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Manual handling and Environmental,
Social and Governance policies.
We are committed to treating breaches of this Code of Conduct seriously, and we
will investigate them thoroughly. Hub volunteers/users should report unacceptable
behaviour or misconduct (or suspected misconduct) to a member of the team
immediately. Concerns can be escalated to one of the Hub Directors.
Elmbridge Community Eco Hub Directors (
Michael Tumilty – mick@elmbridgeecohub.org.uk
Deb Tumilty – debtumilty@gmail.com
Mark Ellis – mark18ellis@gmail.com

ECEH-codeofconduct-version 5. 26th May 2023