Update on our new home 30th September 2021


The steering committee of “The Hub” wish to thank you for all your support, help, advice and much needed donations to date.

We really feel the community are as excited as we are about the prospect of launching this totally unique initiative in our area.

After working tirelessly on this project for 2.5 years, overcoming numerous setbacks and of course the adversity of the pandemic, we recently got to a point that we believed we were ready to launch. Elmgrove Hall has been our main focus as a venue since November 2020 and we have spent the whole of 2021 thus far preparing to work within this building as agreed with Elmbridge Council. For reasons beyond our control, this building is now very frustratingly unavailable. However, to their credit the team of officers at Elmbridge Council have identified an alternative site within the Elmgrove Estate and we have agreed to take this building on, subject to appropriate surveys etc.

The lease agreement for the piece of land is proceeding well and we expect this to be finalised, have access and start work on the Community Garden by mid October. Access to the “new” building which is situated adjacent to the land will hopefully be granted shortly thereafter – all being well! Once we have secured the building we will be asking for your help to clean, decorate and furnish it appropriately to enable us to host initiatives such as The Library of Things, Skill Share, Repair Cafe, Community Fridge, Small Item recycling, Community RePaint, Book Swap.

When we are ready, we will ask people interested in becoming involved to contact the Central Surrey Voluntary Action team, as they will coordinate and identify volunteers on our behalf. We will put an announcement on our webpages and social media pages to alert you to this.

Thank you all for your continuing support and to the team at the Council for their hard work and determination to find us a suitable home. We knew it would be hard work to deliver the Hub, but no idea it would be such an emotional journey!