And we’re in!

And we’re in! So we finally got the keys today from Elmbridge Borough Council on a long term lease for the field that we will convert into the Community Garden, in Walton-On-Thames. It’s going to take a huge amount of work, but already after an hour of hard work from 2 people,  big inroads have been made.  Access is safer, the hard standing at the top of the field is now visible and a lot of the budlea and weeds have been removed, making way for a new shed to be positioned , once we have sourced it!

The plan is to make the whole site safe, free from litter, broken glass and the numerous trip hazards, before allowing the general public and volunteers on site. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt. Once safe, volunteers can register with our friends at Central Surrey Voluntary Action, and if they agree to our core values – centred around acceptable behaviour, mutual respect and environmental responsibility, then we hope to move forward and create a welcoming, calm environment to grow lots of fruit, veg, flowers, herbs and to enjoy the local wildlife.

We are in discussion with the council regarding taking on the lease for an adjoining hall. This is more complex as it has to meet very specific health and safety standards before they can agree to lease it to us. Hopefully we will be able o work something out. In the meantime the plan is to start a CrowdFund to help us buy a shed to store all the equipment needed and to help fund the Library of Things that we aim to bring to our community – borrow rather then buy/store/maintain. Watch this space!


Here are a few pictures from our first days efforts.